"Suhhu" Privacy Policy is as follows; this policy is provided by Suhhu (and hereinafter referred to as “” or “us”) through this website provided by Suhhu or collected and / or Suhhu mobile and tablet applications or social applies to all information provided or collected by any such application, including any application on the media or on another website (each referred to as an "Application").

We are aware that online booking procedures require a lot of trust on your part. We value your trust, so ensuring the security and privacy of the personal information you provide to us is among our top priorities. Please be familiar with our privacy practices by reading this policy. By visiting this site, you accept the practices described on this site. If you do not agree with the practices described in this policy, please do not use this site or send us your personal information.

Information collected from you:

General Information
We receive and store any information you enter on our website or provide to us in any other form, including any Application. This includes all information ("personal information") that reveals your identity, including your name and surname, telephone number, postal and e-mail address, billing information (for example, credit card number, cardholder's name and expiration date). In addition, we may request information about your hotel room or residence preferences, frequent airline customers and car rental program. You can choose not to inform us, but to book a hotel on our website or through any Application, to register as a member, to book a trip, to create a customer profile, to participate in a survey, to contest or raffle, to ask a question or start another process, most of the information is generally required.

Information About People Traveling With You
When you book for another person through this website or any Application, we will ask for personal information and travel preferences about them. Before you send us personal information and travel preferences, you must obtain consent from them; because your account must be used to access or change this information.

Information Obtained from Other Sources.
We may also receive personal and non-personal information about you from affiliates, business partners and other independent third parties at regular intervals and legally. The information we can receive includes: updated delivery and address information, purchase history, demographic information and automatic Information. When you visit this website, we automatically collect some information about your computer. For example, we will collect information about your IP address, your internet browser software (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) and the website that directed you. In addition, we may collect information about your online activity, such as displayed travel and bookings. We collect this automated information to help customize your user experience and prevent fraud.

Social media
If you use any Suhhu social media feature on our website or through a social media provider, we may obtain information about you through the social media provider and in accordance with the relevant policies of the social media provider. For example, we offer you the option to register on our website with the “Facebook Connect” feature; so you can register on our website using your Facebook account data, and you do not need to enter your data manually on our website during this process. When you use a social media feature, if you have chosen to include this information in your social media account, we can access information such as your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, e-mail address, city or region, and any other information you choose to be visible to everyone. Depending on you and your friends' privacy settings, we may access your location information ("Location Data") that you provide to the social media provider to provide you with more relevant content. Please note that your Location Data may also be shared with your friends in the social media environment, in accordance with your privacy settings in the relevant social media organization. We can also find information about how you use an Application that we run on their own sites from social media organizations.

How to use your informations
We use important billing information (for example, the name of the credit card holder, credit card number and expiration date) to complete hotel and residential reservations you make on our website or using an App. We use other information about you for the following general purposes: to provide you with the products and services you want; to provide you with hotel and residence reservation confirmation and updates; manage your account, including processing invoices and sending travel notifications; to communicate with you for general purposes; responding to your questions and comments; measuring and improving the interest in our products, services, website and Applications; to notify you of special offers and products or services that may be of interest to you; customize your experience in other ways with this website or our Applications; to reward you within the scope of regular customer or reward programs you choose to participate in; getting information from you, including surveys; resolve disputes, charge fees, or troubleshoot problems; preventing potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to ensure the application of our Terms of Use; and other purposes disclosed to you at the point where the information is collected.

Email Communication
We want to ensure that you can easily take advantage of travel opportunities on our website and through our Applications. If you have approved e-mail marketing communication, we achieve this goal by sending e-mail messages containing information about the hotels and residences you are interested in. Where legally required, we will comply with public leave lists when sending marketing messages to you. For example, if you are looking for a Kyrenia residence or hotel on our website but choose not to book a residence or hotel, we can send you an e-mail message with information about our special Kyrenia opportunities. We believe these email messages will provide useful information about special travel opportunities offered through our website or our Applications. In all emails we send you will have the opportunity to choose not to send such email messages to you.

Please see "My profile for the collection and use of your information" below. We may share your information with the following legal entities:
• Suppliers, for example, hotels, landlords, airline companies, car rental companies and activity organization companies that fulfill your travel reservations. Necessary explanation is provided for all services provided by third parties. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you review the privacy policies of all travel suppliers whose products you purchase through this website or any Application. Please note that these suppliers may also contact you, where necessary, to obtain additional information about you, to facilitate your travel reservation, or to respond to a comment you post. We may share comments anonymously with our hotel or residential suppliers, but we will not share the name or contact information of the reviewer unless you explicitly tell us that we can do so. We are not responsible if the hotel removes your identity from the content of your comment and contacts you directly.
• Organizations that provide services or functions on our behalf, including third party suppliers, credit card transactions, business analysis, customer service, marketing, survey or lottery program distribution and fraud prevention. We may authorize third-party vendors to collect information on our behalf as required, including efforts to improve the features of our website or our Applications or to ensure the display of online advertisements tailored to your interests. Third-party suppliers may only collect and access the information required to perform their duties; they are prohibited from sharing or using the information for any other purpose. These organizations are obliged to follow the data security practices we follow. Please note that these third party organizations may be located in countries other than your country, and the level of personal data protection in those countries may not be the same as that offered in your country. However, we will protect all personal information we collect from you in accordance with our uncompromising data protection standards.
•Work partners; we may offer products or services in partnership with these organizations, or their products or services may be offered on our website or through our Applications. You can see for yourself whether a product or service you want is related to a third party, because the name of these organizations appears alone or with our name. If you choose to access these optional services, we may share information about you, including your personal information, with these partners. Please note that the privacy practices of these third party partners are not under our control.
• The websites that direct you to our site, if you were directed to this website from another site (for example, if you came to this site by clicking a link on another site), we may share some information about you with the website that directed you. We strongly remind you to review the privacy policies of all websites that direct you here.
• Social media organizations. When you access certain social media features through our website or our Applications, you share information with the social media organization (such as Facebook), and this information you share is subject to that organization's privacy policy (we may access this information through the social media organization). You can change your privacy settings for these social media organizations. For more information, please refer to the relevant social media organization's privacy policy. Such information can be published on the websites or services of the social media organization. The information that is made available to the social media institution is associated with the social media institution account that your account is linked to. By editing your privacy settings in the social media organization, you can prevent such information from being automatically published by the social media organization. We will not provide your account number or information to any social media organization. If you link your account with a social media organization, we may also share your username and profile picture in that social media organization with other members. You can prevent such information from being shared by adjusting your privacy settings in the social media organization.

We may also share your information if:
• Court orders, court orders, or other legal action require; situations necessary for the protection or enforcement of our legal rights; defense cases against legal damages; or other situations required by law. In such cases, we reserve the right to exercise or waive any legal objection or right at our disposal.
• When we think it is necessary to investigate, prevent or take action on illegal or suspected illegal activities; Where we need to protect the rights, property rights or security of our company, this website or our Applications, our customers or others; When required by our Terms of Service and other agreements.
• When we think it is necessary to prevent or reduce the serious and absolute danger to a person's life or health.
• Disposal, mergers, consolidation, or situations where corporate transactions, such as bankruptcy, are unlikely to occur or to be sold or realized.
Except for the cases mentioned above, you will be informed when your personal information is shared with third parties and you will have the opportunity to choose not to share such information. We may share information collectively or anonymously with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we can tell us advertisers the number of visitors to our website or the most popular hotels and holiday destinations. This information does not contain any personal information and is used to develop content and services that we think may be of interest to you.

How to find your information:
You can reach your contact information and update this information by going to My Information section of this website. You can close your account by contacting us at the email address below. Please note that once you close an account, you cannot log in and access your personal information. However, you can open a new account at any time. By submitting your personal information to us through this website or any Application, you agree that we may retain your information. We can continue to process account information for our legitimate business purposes, to fulfill our obligations under the law and regulations, and for historical recording and analysis purposes. We take strict technical measures to prevent unauthorized access to account information. If you do not have an account with us or if you want to talk to us about any personal information that is not displayed on your account, you can contact us at the e-mail address below to ask us to access, delete or change the information we hold about you. You can also contact us to request an explanation of how we process your information, and by accepting this Privacy Policy, you can withdraw your consent to use your information provided by sending an email message to the address below.

Your choices regarding the collection and use of your information:
• As discussed above, you may choose not to provide us with any information, but this information may be required for you to book your home or hotel on this website or in our Applications or to take advantage of certain features offered.
• You can also add or update information and close your account as described above.
• When you register as a member, you will have the option to indicate whether you want us to send you an e-mail message about special offers or certain third party products and services. As a registered member, you can change this preference at any time on the My Profile page. Whether or not you have registered as a member, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from commercial messages in such e-mail messages we send. Please note that we reserve the right to send you other messages regarding your account or transactions, including service announcements and administrative messages, and we will not grant you the right to withdraw from these messages.
• You may have a chance to provide a mobile phone number on our website to obtain your hotel and residence confirmation number.

Cookies and other technologies:
Cookie files are small text files that are left on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a website. Cookies do not personally recognize you and do not cause any harm to your computer or mobile device. This information is used by the websites to improve your experience on the site, to provide analytical information to help us improve the website in general, and to collect information about the travel destinations you are interested in, so you can see more suitable travel ads. For example, we use cookies on our site to ensure you can log in without having to type your name every time. Other cookies help us understand what's interesting and uninteresting on our website, so we can offer more convenient and useful features for you on your next visit. We and our partners also use some cookies to measure the effectiveness of the ads on our site and how visitors use our site.

Using mobile phone and tablet Applications ("Mobile Applications")
When you use a Mobile App, we collect and use information about you, just like when you use our website and for exactly the same purposes. In addition, we automatically collect certain other information about you when you use our Mobile Applications. Especially:
• We collect information about the Mobile Application functions you have accessed and used. Thus, we can identify the areas of our Mobile Application that attract the attention of our customers and continuously improve the Mobile Application. The information we collect for this purpose does not allow us to directly identify your identity.

How we protect your information:
We want you to be able to use this website and our Applications safely while organizing travel and we attach great importance to protecting the information we collect. It is not a security guarantee of any website or App, however, we have applied the necessary administrative, technical and physical security procedures to help protect the personal information you provide to us. For example, only authorized personnel can access personal information and can only do this for permitted business purposes. We also use encryption when transmitting important personal information between our system and your system; In addition, we use firewall and system breach detection systems to help prevent unauthorized people from accessing your information.

External links:
If any part of this website or any Application links you to other sites, these sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review the privacy statements posted on these websites to understand the procedures for collecting, using and opening personal information to third parties.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:
We may update this Privacy Policy in the future. We will notify you about important changes to this Privacy Policy by sending an informational message to the e-mail address you give us or by posting an informational message that is easily visible on our website and / or through our Applications.

How can you contact us:
If you have questions about this Privacy Policy (or your travel and accommodation plans or purchases) or would like to make a complaint, please contact us.