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Your peace of mind is our priority; Our pricing structure is based on the idea that "guests pay the price you set". We don't add anything else on it; so you can get more guests by competitively pricing your property.

Your place, your rules ...
Choose your prices, conditions and rules for guests.
We are with you - Access support and report guest misconduct
Find your perfect match - Set the criteria that guests must meet.

Open and close your property at any time
We give you the freedom to open or close your property at any time. You have control of your property without restrictive contracts.

You control your availability
At, you decide when you want a guest. You can close your property for reservations on certain dates.

Getting reports has never been this good!
You can see your instant earnings in detail in your special reporting panel.

Discover how much you can earn!
Your price per night: 100₺ / Commission: 15% / Revenue: 85₺

What happens if the guest damages my property?
Property owners can request a deposit from guests. Deposits can ensure that your guest acts with respect, but can also help cover all possible damage caused by the guest. If anything gets worse, this can be reported to our team through our abuse complaint feature. You can report damage within 3 days of the guest's release date. During this time, we keep the deposit amount blocked for you. Our customer representative will contact you and your guest, deducting from the deposit price of the reservation, taking into account the necessary conditions related to the damage, and then transferred to your partner account.

What happens after I sign up?
After saving the information of your property, you can start receiving an instant reservation!

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