Terms of Use

To use the website, please read the conditions written below. By visiting the website and / or using its mobile applications (website and / or mobile applications will be referred to as "Portal" hereinafter) and / or "Member", you have read these "Terms of Use" and fully understand its content. You acknowledge, declare and undertake that you accept all the matters specified in the "Terms of Use" and found in the "Portal", which will take place over time, unconditionally and unconditionally. If you do not accept these conditions, please stop using the "Portal".
1.1. The owner of this "Portal" is (hereinafter briefly referred to as "SUHHU") located at "Suhhu Trading Ltd. Üniversite Yolu Sk. Mayvillage Sitesi K:1 D:12 Karaoğlanoğlu, Kyrenia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus". The services provided in "Portal" and specified in article 3 of these "Terms of Use" are provided by "SUHHU".
1.2. "SUHHU" may change these "Terms of Use", any information and "Content" on the "Portal" at any time without any notice or notification to "USER". These changes will be published periodically on "" and will be valid on the date of publication. Any natural or legal person who benefits from "Portal" services by paying a certain fee or free of charge or who gives access to "Portal" in any way is deemed to have accepted the "Terms of Use" and any changes made by "SUHHU" to these "Terms of Use". . These "Terms of Use" are published on the website; Access has been made possible by any natural or legal person using the "Portal".

"Portal": the website and mobile applications of "SUHHU", which consists of the domain name and sub-domains affiliated to this domain.
"User": Any natural or legal person accessing the "Portal".
"Member": "User" who is a member of "Portal" and uses the services offered within "Portal" within the conditions specified in this contract.
"Membership": It is the status gained by the "User" who wants to become a "member", to fill the membership form in the "Portal" with correct and real information, to be approved by "SUHHU" and to be notified by the credentials provided. The right and authority to become a "Member" cannot be obtained until the membership process is completed. "Membership" rights and obligations are the rights and obligations that belong to the applicant, which cannot be transferred partially or wholly to any third party. "Membership" application can be rejected by "SUHHU" without any reason or additional terms and conditions may be requested. "SUHHU" may terminate the "Membership" status of the "Member" if it deems necessary, and may not accept the "Membership" application that will be made later for any reason.
"SUHHU Membership Account": The Member performs the works and operations required to benefit from the services offered in the "Portal", requests "SUHHU" on the issues related to "Membership", "Updating the membership information, viewing the reports regarding the services offered, determined by himself." and the "User" -specific web pages accessed through "Portal" and "User" and "Password", which it has committed exclusively to be used by itself.
"SUHHU Services" ("Service"): These are applications offered by "SUHHU" in the "Portal" in order to enable the "Member" to carry out the works and transactions defined in this contract. "SUHHU" may make changes and / or adjustments to "Services" offered at "Portal" at any time. The terms and conditions to which the "Member" is obliged to comply with the changes and / or adaptations made are announced from the "Portal" to the "Member", the terms and conditions announced become effective on the date they are published on the "Portal".
"Content": Any information, text, file, picture, video, number etc. published on "Portal" that can be accessed including visual, written and audio images.
"API": Application Programming Interface created by SUHHU and designed to provide certain functionality, linked documents (including electronically), protocols and future releases, improvements, enhancements, programming fixes, updates and upgrades.
"SUHHU Interface": Used by "Users" to view the content created by SUHHU and "Members" by "Users" and to be inquired from "SUHHU Database"; Web pages that command the computer program to carry out any action that can be done through the "Portal" within the designs protected under the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and all intellectual rights belong to "SUHHU".
"SUHHU Database": It is the database belonging to "SUHHU" in which the contents accessed within the "Portal" are stored, classified, queried and accessible, and is protected by Chapter 264 Copyright Law.

3.1. "SUHHU" ensures that the content uploaded to the "SUHHU Database" by the "Members" can be viewed by "Users" via the "SUHHU Database" using interfaces.
3.2. "SUHHU" provides various types of listing services in "Portal" that prioritize the display of ads to enable "Users" to access "Member" ads more easily.
3.3. "SUHHU" provides reporting services under various categories for the number of views and transactions performed within the "Portal".
3.4. "SUHHU" reserves the right to add new services to the services it provides within the "Portal", to change the scope and delivery conditions of the existing services and to "Content" accessed within the "Portal" at any time, to close and delete the access of third parties. "SUHHU" can exercise this right in any way it wishes without any notification and notice.

4.1. "Users" can operate on the "Portal" for lawful purposes. The legal and penal responsibility for each transaction and action made by the "User" within the "Portal" will be their own and "User" accepts, declares and undertakes that "SUHHU" does not have any responsibility regarding the said legal and penal liabilities.
4.2. "Portal" works on the basis of viewing "Content" uploaded to "SUHHU Database" by "Members". "SUHHU" does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, safety and lawfulness of advertisements and "Content" displayed by "Users" under any circumstances. "User" accepts and declares that "SUHHU" has no responsibility for the said announcement and "Contents" and that "SUHHU" will not be liable for any damages due to possible damages.
4.3. "USER" shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, perform any kind of commercial activities by duplicating any pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, cataloges and lists within "PORTAL"; accepts and undertakes that it will not directly and / or indirectly perform unfair competitive behaviour and transactions.
4.4. "Users" will not engage in activities that will cause unfair competition within the framework of the Competition Law No. 36/2009 and the Chapter 149 Contracts Law within the "Portal", do not undermine the personal and commercial reputation of the "SUHHU" and third parties, Attitudes that will comply with the legislation, public order and general moral rules, take the measures required by the legislation and follow the procedures, illegal, criminal, disturbing, damaging personal rights, intellectual rights, copyrights, trademark rights and property rights; and accepts and undertakes not to engage in behaviour.
4.5. "Users" are obliged to use the information they access within the "Portal" only for the purpose of the "Member" or "SUHHU" revealing this information and for non-commercial purposes. The contact information in the advertisements entered by the advertiser Member can only be used to contact for information about the announcement. Personal data and / or special personal data belonging to the advertiser under protection under the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, which may be included in the announcement, or third-party personal data may not be used, copied, published or distributed directly or indirectly in other channels, It cannot be accessed and used by third parties by transferring to other databases.
4.6. "SUHHU" records and stores the records specified in the relevant legislation regarding the transactions performed by "Users" on the "Portal" within the legal period in order to comply with the obligations imposed on it in accordance with the legislation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
4.7. "SUHHU" can use, process, share, disclose, maintain and classify information on a database, and use it for communication and promotional activities, marketing and statistical analysis. "SUHHU" also uses the user's IP address, which parts of the "Portal" visited, domain type, browser type, date and time can also be used for statistical evaluation and personal services and offers. It may transfer User information to the companies it is in cooperation with, in order to conduct researches, to create a database and to conduct market researches, to improve "SUHHU" processes, and User information may be processed by these companies for the purposes listed above.
4.8. “SUHHU” is able to associate the behaviour of the user coming to the site with a cookie found in the browser for on-line behavioural advertising and marketing, and define remarketing lists based on metrics such as the number of pages viewed, visit duration and goal completion number, and use marketing automation tools and has the right to convey special messages / offers and suggestions to the user. It can then show targeted ad content to this user on the site or on other sites on the Display Network, based on the interests of the users. Also, during the redirection of Google ADS ads to SUHHU, Google may place cookies on the USERS 'browser or read the cookies contained therein or use web beacons to collect information.
4.9. It is lawful for third parties to access the database where the content accessed and / or displayed via "Portal" is stored only for the purpose of displaying relevant content and / or within the "Terms of Use" of "SUHHU". Accesses other than this are illegal; "SUHHU reserves all kinds of claims, litigation and follow-up rights.
4.10. "SUHHU" allows to view the contents of the advertisements for learning purposes and to use the "SUHHU Interface". Apart from that, trying to reach the advertisements for a certain number or all of the database, for any purpose, the advertisements, customer information, designs, codes and software, including copying the information contained in the database partially or completely, publishing them directly or indirectly in other channels, compiling, processing, changing, transferring them to other databases, making them available to third parties for access and use from this database, linking to advertisements on "SUHHU". The processing of the verbs is not permitted by "SUHHU" and is not given consent. Such acts are illegal and "SUHHU's right to demand, litigation and follow-up is reserved.
4.11. The use of the whole or any part of the "Portal" for breaking, modifying, reverse engineering, trying to break API protocols with reverse engineering method or any other method, and API key, API secret key, request headers, client verification algorithm. Unauthorized access to parameters or sharing these parameters with third parties without permission, attempting to access "Site" in a way that prevents, disrupts or interferes with "Portal" communication or technical systems, Automatic program, robot, spider, web crawler , spider, data mining, data crawling etc. It is illegal to use "screen scraping" software or systems, automatic tools or manual processes, to access other users' data or software without permission, to use the "Site" and the content in the "Portal" outside the limits of use specified by the "Terms of Use"; "SUHHU" reserves all kinds of claims, lawsuits and follow-up rights. In case the usage contrary to these terms and laws is detected; "SUHHU" has the right to report "User" to the competent authorities. "User" accepts that he / she is personally responsible for the damages and demands resulting from such uses.
4.12. "User" accepts and undertakes that "SUHHU" cannot be held responsible for any direct and indirect damages that may arise in case of interruption of the service provided in the "Portal", problems in information transmission, delays, failures, data loss.

All information accessed within this "Portal" or provided by users in accordance with the law and all elements of this "Portal" (but not limited to "SUHHU Database", "SUHHU Interface", design, text, image, html code and other codes) together as "copyrighted work of" SUHHU ")" SUHHU "and / or" SUHHU "under license from a third party." User "s," SUHHU "services," SUHHU "information and" SUHHU " They do not have the right to resell, process, copy, share, distribute, display or permit anyone else to access or use the services of "SUHHU". Except as permitted by "SUHHU" within the "Site Terms of Use". It may not reproduce, process, distribute or derive any copyrighted work of SUHHU.
"SUHHU" in cases where "SUHHU" is not authorized by this "Terms of Use"; "SUHHU" services, "SUHHU" information, "SUHHU" copyrighted works, "SUHHU" trademarks, "SUHHU" commercial appearance or all other rights and information provided by this site are reserved.

"SUHHU" may change these Terms of Use unilaterally at any time by posting on "Portal". The changing provisions of these "Terms of Use" will become effective on the date they are announced. These "Terms of Use" cannot be changed with the unilateral declarations of "User".

In all cases considered legal force majeure, no compensation obligation of "SUHHU" will arise in cases of late performance, incomplete performance or non-performance. "Force majeure" will be interpreted as the events that are not prevented despite the reasonable control of the related party and that "SUHHU" cannot prevent, and provided that it is not limited to those listed, natural disaster, war, epidemic disease, pandemic, fire, strike, rebellion, riot, bad weather conditions. , infrastructure and internet malfunctions, improvement or renewal of the system, and all kinds of malfunctions, power outages, and stopping and / or restrictive decisions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus authorities are force majeure reasons.

The laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be applied exclusively in the implementation, interpretation of these "Terms of Use" and in the management of legal relations arising under these "Terms of Use", and the local courts of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are authorized in case of any dispute.

These "Terms of Use" come into force on the date of publication by "SUHHU" on the "Portal". "User" s accept these "Terms of Use" and the changes made over time by using "Portal".